In the design/develop, Reliance Builders provides a single source of responsibility to the Client. Our dedicated team initiate a project which includes needs analysis, construction specifications, and criteria. Finally, they manage these needs with maintain company standard policy and procedures.

With integrity, trust, and commitment to relationships at the forefront of our design-develop projects, we have the proven ability to work conscientiously as design-builders.Since its inauguration, Reliance Builders has worked throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

From the very beginning of a project, Reliance Builders project management team keep open and honest communication to its clients. Our team collaborate with clients to secure a thorough and detail project scope without any surprises. From here, ).

By engaging in open and honest communication from the beginning, the Clark Builders team ensures no surprises, collaborating with clients to secure a thorough and descriptive project scope. From this position, the project team is controlled for on-time, on-budget, beyond-your-expectations building.